The most important reason is that you will achieve a huge improvement in your results.


In the competitive world of sport all athletes aspiring to be the best in their field work closely with a coach.

In the recent London Olympics we noticed after winning each event the first thing the athletes did was to go and hug their coach. An obvious thanks for the important influence the coach had had on their results.

A coach helps support and guide them to reach their peak performance. In the competitive world of real estate it is no different.

If you are wanting to be the best you can be and take your income into the stratosphere—having a great coach is essential.


If you commit your goals to writing you are 40% more likely to achieve them.

If you tell someone else about your goals you are 60% more likely to achieve them.

If you have a great coach you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals.


1: You will achieve greater results in less time.

2. This is time to focus on you and what you want to


3. You will have someone to challenge, motivate and

support you.

4. A coach makes you accountable and committed.

5. A coach monitors your progress, week to week, month to month and year to year.

6. You create an action plan and a path to guide you.

7. You will have someone who provides unconditional support and encouragement.

8. They are a sounding board for ideas.

9. They provide tools and techniques to help your organize your time more effectively.

10. They are non judgemental.

11. They focus you on the process and actions you need to


12. It forces you to take responsibility for your actions.

13. You will see opportunity where before you saw only


14. You will change habits, behaviours and attitudes that have held you back.

15. It’s fun to work with a coach.

16. You will experience a shift in perspective. A different

way of looking at something.

17. You will adopt an entirely new paradigm for living.

18. You’ll get to experience “Ah Ha” moments or


19. You’ll get to live in a way that honours your visions,

dreams and values.

20. You’ll get to kick the procrastination habit.

21. You are tired of results you are getting and where your

life is right now.

22. You struggle to stay focused.

23. You are easily distracted.

24. You feel tired stressed and overwhelmed.

25. Coaching gets you to take action in all areas of your life.

26. You will be empowered.

27. You will be pushed outside your comfort zone.

28. A good coach gets you through tough and challenging periods.

29. You will be helped to make positive changes in your life.

30. Helps you to prioritize important tasks.

31. Helps you to identify time wasters and “busy work”

32. You’ll learn a lot about yourself.

33. Your motivation will be supercharged

34. Helps you to become clearer on your life’s purpose.

35. You will become healthier and happier.

36. You will live more fully in the present moment.

37. You’ll gain new confidence and self esteem.

38. It will help you overcome fears that have been holding you back.

39. Helps you release limiting beliefs.

40. Helps you have your best year ever.

41. You will make more money.

42. You will save more money and increase your wealth.


If a great coach can help you double or treble your income.. the reality is that you can’t afford NOT to have a coach.

A small monthly tax deductable fee could prove to be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Get smart. Hire a coach now and change your life in so many ways for the better.

Rod Cartledge

Rod has had a long and successful career in Real Estate as a salesman, listing agent, principal and coach.

He currently coaches some very successful agents and rising stars in the Real Estate Industry and these people are experiencing spectacular results and massive incomes.

Rod himself was a past winner of the Australian Real Estate Awards for The Top Listing Agent in Australia.

He listed amazing numbers of properties every month during his career—the best months were in the 50-55 range- individual properties personally listed by Rod.

I have known Rod personally for many years and have always been amazed at his achievements in the real estate industry.

When we started our agency five years ago we asked Rod to be our coach and mentor. Our business has gone from strength to strength and we are delighted with our progress.

Rod’s methods and strategies really do work and have enabled us to dominate our market place. These strategies allowed us to start making a profit after only 6 weeks of trading.

Also with Rod’s guidance over the last 5 years we have grown agents in our sales team with no experience to successful agents now earning between $150,000 to $200,000 per annum and who produce monthly listings of over 10 with 5 sales a month.

Rod’s new video program is packed with strategies and ideas that will propel you to success if you follow them. I can’t recommend this highly enough for those agents wanting to challenge themselves to be the best that they can possibly be.

Stephen Cromarty- Principal

Love Realty

Wow! I’ve been in The Real Estate Industry for only a few years and using Rod’s methods I have achieved considerable success, however this new video system is really Something Else. The strategies you’ll find inside are easy to implement, but more importantly they will help you achieve amazing results.

Daniel Gilbert

Real Estate Agent


My recommendation is that you stop everything you are doing right now, remove all distractions and view Rod’s Videos from Start to Finish —they are THAT Important to your future success in your real estate career.

I enjoyed great success implementing Rod’s Strategies in our Real Estate Agency.

Ray Crowe

Gold Coast

Rod’s System flat out works. We used it in our Real Estate Agency to achieve major success. Rod’s mentoring made the difference and enabled us to retire early. We are now retired and are able to spend six months of the year in Our Villa in the South of France.

Deborah Kerr

Gold Coast

The content in Rod’s videos is “off the charts”.

I personally worked in Rod’s own agency and witnessed first hand the explosive growth he achieved.

He has now detailed all of his knowledge in this video course. As soon as you start using Rod’s strategies and methods you will see startling results.

Get hold of your videos today and build a bright future in Real Estate.

Katrina McGilchrist

Byron Bay

Rod has created a blueprint of how to be super successful in your real estate career. He has worked with us from the commencement of our agency until now five years later. We have built an amazing business with Rod as our coach and mentor. His ideas, methods and strategies really do work.

Do yourself a favour and get hold of Rod’s Video Program today—But most importantly do what he says. You’ll be amazed as to how good and successful you will become.

Bill Kington – Principal

Love Realty


Email Rod to book your free session: Rod@realestatetrainingguru.com



Free copy of
program – “How To
Make Bucket Loads
Of Money With A
Career In Real
Estate” – 20 Video

One Hour Monthly
Conference With Rod
Either Face-to-Face or Via
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Weekly Monitoring Of Results
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Minimum Coaching Period –
6 Months



Free copy of
program – “How To
Make Bucket Loads
Of Money With A
Career In Real
Estate” – 20 Video

Free copy of program
– “The Unbeatable Listing
Presentation”— 11 Video Series

Free copy of program – “The Total
Domination Lead Generation System”
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One Two Hour Monthly Conference
With Rod Either Face-to-Face or Via Phone
or Skype.

Weekly Monitoring Of Results
and Reporting Service Via Email

Unlimited Access To Rod At Anytime
During The Month Via Phone, Email or

Minimum Coaching Period – 6 Months


This program is suitable for a new agent just starting out in the Real Estate Industry or someone who is not satisfied with the results they are getting and wants to see huge increases in their income immediately.

This program is more suited to established and successful agents who are already doing well but who know they are capable of much more.

They want to be the very best agents that is possible for them to be and need someone to be accountable to.