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Are you sick and tired of using systems that cost heaps of money and don’t work effectively? Would you like to learn from someone who has years of experience in the real estate industry and produced consistently huge numbers of qualified leads that resulted in massive numbers of listings?

Now you can rapidly build systems that day in day out consistently produce an avalanche of leads that convert into massive numbers of listings and buckets of money.

Discover for yourself the amazing secrets I used to dominate my market and the strategies I applied to provide a constant conveyor belt delivery of listings to my office.

rod cartledge

Rod Cartledge

Hi there! I’m Rod Cartledge founder of and I want to share with you the secrets of exactly how I was able to list massive numbers of properties – up to 12 times more than the average agent.

If you don’t know me, let me briefly tell you a little about myself.

I was a late starter in real estate. Nearly 50 years of age when I came into real estate and I had never sold anything in my life. I started in the industry at the worst possible time in the early 1990’s and in the middle of a recession with unemployment at 10% and interest rates at 18%. Wow! Everything was stacked against me. I was trained as an accountant and you know how conservative they are. (So take encouragement. If an old guy like me with no selling experience starts work in a strange industry in the middle of a recession and makes a success then there’s got to be hope for you whatever your age, gender, circumstances or knowledge).

Before I became the successful listing agent, I struggled like others do when they start out. I was fortunate though a few months after I started in the business I met Neil Jenman from The Jenman Group who had just started out as a real estate trainer, however for some years he had been operating a very successful real estate office. Neil has a brilliant mind and gave me some valuable ideas which I have continued to use throughout my career. From that time forward I started to list more properties, however as soon as the euphoria from my initial success wore off, I realized something was missing.

As fate would have it, that missing piece would later become my secret weapon…

Like many agents I struggled when I first started out as the methods I was using were not working like I wanted them to.

I battled on for a few months……and experimenting without a lot of success with just a small trickle of listings each month. However I knew there must be a way to turn that trickle into a real “gusher” if I could just find the secret.

I was just doing what all other agents were doing and was therefore just getting the same mediocre results that they were.

I was absolutely determined to find the “magic path to success in listings” and I would not leave a stone unturned until I found it.

I read every book and article on the subject I could get my hands on. I listened to every tape recording from all the great Australian agents, I visited their offices and asked lots of questions, I travelled to the USA and talked one on one to the best agents in the world and spent time in their offices…

Then one day like a blinding flash of light I saw clearly what I needed to do and what strategies I needed to employ.

They came down to two ideas that transformed everything…

From that day forward things gradually started to improve and within 3 months I was consistently bringing in as many great listings as I could handle.

I know how frustrating it can be bashing your head against a brick wall, doing the same things month in and month out and just getting enough results to pay your operating costs and break even. However when you know the secrets I learned, those days will be things of the past as you turn your office into a profitable money machine.

Finally I had found the magic formula and from then on I never looked back. And now you can benefit from the two fantastic ideas I used to turn everything around.

I have shared my secrets and everything else I learned along the way in my 20 video series.

The Total Domination Lead Generation System

The Full 20 Video Course

The Total Domination Lead Generation System

And also my full system in my operations manual

I have known Rod personally for many years and have always been amazed at his achievements in the real estate industry.

When we started our agency five years ago we asked Rod to be our coach and mentor. Our business has gone from strength to strength and we are delighted with our progress.

Rod’s methods and strategies really do work and have enabled us to dominate our market place. These strategies allowed us to start making a profit after only 6 weeks of trading.

Also with Rod’s guidance over the last 5 years we have grown agents in our sales team with no experience to successful agents now earning between $150,000 to $200,000 per annum and who produce monthly listings of over 10 with 5 sales a month.

Rod’s new video program is packed with strategies and ideas that will propel you to success if you follow them. I can’t recommend this highly enough for those agents wanting to challenge themselves to be the best that they can possibly be.

Stephen Cromarty- Principal

Love Realty

Wow! I’ve been in The Real Estate Industry for only a few years and using Rod’s methods I have achieved considerable success, however this new video system is really Something Else. The strategies you’ll find inside are easy to implement, but more importantly they will help you achieve amazing results.

Daniel Gilbert

Real Estate Agent


My recommendation is that you stop everything you are doing right now, remove all distractions and view Rod’s Videos from Start to Finish —they are THAT Important to your future success in your real estate career.

I enjoyed great success implementing Rod’s Strategies in our Real Estate Agency.

Ray Crowe

Gold Coast


Video 1:

An introduction to what’s in store and my story and what impact additional listings can have on your net profit.

Video 2:

Lead generation – the essential foundation
Learn the important distinction between three separate businesses within the real estate office.
The objectives of lead generation

Video 3:

Aiming high and setting big goals.
Achieving the goals – the success formula.

Video 4:

The prospecting manager.
How to find one – what are the attributes we are looking for.
The remuneration package.
The functions they carry out.

Video 5:

The prospecting area.
Learn about core and non core areas and how prospecting differs between them.
How to find your numbers.
Calculate the numbers and frequency of letter box drops.
The door knocking system and how it works.The frequency.

Video 6:

Learn each of the seven individually actioned lead generation sources and how to work each source for maximum results.

Video 7:

Discover the ten office actioned lead generation sources and how to make sure that each of these sources are worked to the maximum each month.

Video 8:

How to prioritise and follow up all leads generated.
Learning the colour code system and how to use it and the frequency of follow up in all categories.

Video 9:

The monthly monitoring system. Why it is so critical for the achievement of monthly listing targets. This is the glue that holds the system together. Everything is provided – just follow the simple steps.

Video 10:

Here I provide actual samples of letter drops that I have used very effectively over many years. Try them, I know they will work for you too. They include some great prospecting letters that really work.

Video 11:

Discover how my ideas about printing will smooth out the deadlines each month and save you lots of money on your printing costs.

Video 12:

How to handle incoming calls for listing appointments.
Use the effective scripts that I used and provide for you to use word for word.

Video 13:

Learn how to doorknock effectively. I spent a huge amount of my week doorknocking over many years, so I believe I have earned the right to speak with authority on this subject.
Use all of the scripts that I used and now provide for you. They are simple but effective.

Video 14:

Why should you use a prelisting kit and why most kits lose their impact because they leave out the most critical thing.

Video 15:

Why you should consider using a guarantee. What’s included in the guarantee to win you more listings.

Video 16:

Your website and what’s important. Discover some additional uses of your website that are very powerful in winning you more listings.

Video 17:

How four ideas can easily lift your profile and help you keep your name always in front of sellers.

Video 18:

Why you should have the correct fee structure. Why many agents lose huge numbers of listings because of the mistakes they make in this area. How to avoid these mistakes and maximize your opportunities.

Video 19:

The unbeatable listing presentation – the critical elements. The one I used to list up to 55 individual properties a month.
For the full listing presentation…
Purchase my 11 video series
Buy here at this link Unbeatable Listing Presentation

Why you should have the correct fee structure. Why many agents lose huge numbers of listings because of the mistakes they make in this area. How to avoid these mistakes and maximize your opportunities.

Video 20:

My real estate philosophy in relation to our staff and our clients.
It’s worked beautifully for me over the past 20 plus years.

Rod’s System flat out works. We used it in our Real Estate Agency to achieve major success. Rod’s mentoring made the difference and enabled us to retire early. We are now retired and are able to spend six months of the year in Our Villa in the South of France.

Deborah Kerr

Gold Coast

Rod’s System flat out works. We used it in our Real Estate Agency to achieve major success. Rod’s mentoring made the difference and enabled us to retire early. We are now retired and are able to spend six months of the year in Our Villa in the South of France.

The content in Rod’s videos is “off the charts”.

I personally worked in Rod’s own agency and witnessed first hand the explosive growth he achieved.

He has now detailed all of his knowledge in this video course. As soon as you start using Rod’s strategies and methods you will see startling results.

Get hold of your videos today and build a bright future in Real Estate.

Katrina McGilchrist

Byron Bay

Rod has created a blueprint of how to be super successful in your real estate career. He has worked with us from the commencement of our agency until now five years later. We have built an amazing business with Rod as our coach and mentor. His ideas, methods and strategies really do work.

Do yourself a favour and get hold of Rod’s Video Program today—But most importantly do what he says. You’ll be amazed as to how good and successful you will become.

Bill Kington – Principal

Love Realty

Well there you have it – a brief summary of the TOTAL DOMINATION LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM.

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Rod Cartledge

Rod Cartledge

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